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How to stay young

Learn to dance essex

How to stay young – dancing vs gym After watch how to stay young it proved to me what already believed to be true that dancing is better than going to the gym. This programme analysed 2 groups of older people 20 went to the gym and 20 danced for just 3 hours a week the experiment proved after 6 months that the dancers and improved by 15 percent in…..

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Dance Hall Days Entertainers

Dance Hall Days Entertainers at the Old Regent Dance Hall Days entertainers Mr Dickie Bows and Air Raid Jive had the pleasure to dance at the wonderfully renovated Old Regent Ballroom in Stanford Le Hope. Dancing and entertaining at Mary’s 85th birthday party arranged by her daughter and family. A splendid afternoon tea was arranged by the Old Regent. Air Raid Jive and Mr Dickie Bows entertained for the afternoon…..

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