Monthly Archives: October 2017

Dancing keeps you young

Dancing keeps you young I was recently watching the “how to stay young” programme and dancing was at the top of the list for mind and body so dancing keeps you young. That is great to know and when you think about it some of great dancers have lived to ripe old ages – Fred Astaire 88, Gene Kelly 84, Norma Miller 97, Frankie Manning 94 we are in with…..

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Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon 2018

Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon 2018 Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon on a Wednesday evening has been growing throughout 2017 we are going to carry on into 2018 the Ashingdon & East Hawkwell memorial hall is a lovely venue. The floor is fantastic to dance on and big – you can get lost in this hall. Most Moondogs nights even being well attended there is plenty of room to dance, which of…..

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Dance in France Charity Gig

Dance in France Rock n Roll Show We are fortunate enough to go out to France to do a Charity dance in France with friends of ours that live out there. This year’s dance like last year was a great success and this year was a sell-out.   The French and Ex-pats love the Rock n Roll music and enjoy learning rock n roll with us Set in the small hamlet…..

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