Monthly Archives: March 2018

Dance Laugh Live

Dance Laugh Live Dance Laugh Live at Mr Dickie Bows we really enjoy seeing the smiley happy faces of the people who come and dance with us.  Doesn’t matter about your age with cater for everyone and the age group that come to our dance classes range from 16 – 90 so a very wide diverse variety of age and ability. If you are feeling down or in need of…..

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Learning to dance is easy with Mr Dickie Bow

Why learn to dance Learning to dance can be a daunting experience for some Mr Dickie Bows will try to make it a more comfortable event.  We have a very successful reputation for bringing many people into the dancing scene for 40s Swing dance and 50s Rock n Roll jive.  Learning to dance will firstly increase your daily activity each class can yield around 5000 steps which could be of…..

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