Dancing keeps you young

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Dancing keeps you young I was recently watching the “how to stay young” programme and dancing was at the top of the list for mind and body so dancing keeps you young. That is great to know and when you think about it some of great dancers have lived to ripe old ages – Fred Astaire 88, Gene Kelly 84, Norma Miller 97, Frankie Manning 94 we are in with…..

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Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon 2018


Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon 2018 Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon on a Wednesday evening has been growing throughout 2017 we are going to carry on into 2018 the Ashingdon & East Hawkwell memorial hall is a lovely venue. The floor is fantastic to dance on and big – you can get lost in this hall. Most Moondogs nights even being well attended there is plenty of room to dance, which of…..

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Dance in France Charity Gig


Dance in France Rock n Roll Show We are fortunate enough to go out to France to do a Charity dance in France with friends of ours that live out there. This year’s dance like last year was a great success and this year was a sell-out.   The French and Ex-pats love the Rock n Roll music and enjoy learning rock n roll with us Set in the small hamlet…..

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Wild West Party Rock n Roll Western Style

Wild west party

Wild West Party time Saturday night saw a great Wild West party held by a member of Mr Dickie Bow’s of Rochford. Everyone dressed for the occasion and there were many great outfits. The setting for the party was 1st class the whole area dressed up in Wild West party style. A huge temporary dance floor had been erected which was filled all evening. A mixture of fantastic music to…..

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Record Hop – 50s style

Record Hop 50s Rock n Roll

Record Hop Ashingdon Enjoy a mid-week dance a one of our new Record hops the Ashingdon Memorial Hall has a fabulous large dance floor with plenty of car parking. There is no bar but you can bring your own drink if you want too. Mr Dickie Bows will be playing plenty of music to jive and stroll the night away. This new record hop will be a great place to…..

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Jitterbug Swing Rock n Roll


Jitterbug Call it what you will but the dancing of the 1940s is back alive and kicking in Ashingdon Essex. If you would like to dance whether its jitterbug swing rock n roll – you can there are classes in Rochford Essex for you to attend. Attending the Ashingdon dance class could be a platform to unleash your inner soul of dance. The class is held at Ashingdon Church Hall…..

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Beginners Rock n Roll Class

beginners rock n roll class

Beginners Rock n Roll Class Essex Always wanted to dance, why not come along to one of Mr Dickie Bows dance classes. We will help you get on your dancing journey. The classes have a structured approach and you should have a small sequence under your belt by the time you leave the class. The people are very friendly, the class informal we are not asking you to become world…..

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Learn to Jive Jitterbug Stroll or Bop


Jive your way to fitness Always wanted to learn to jive whether it’s 50s jive or 40s Swing Jive, Mr Dickie Bows can help you achieve your goal. Once you start your journey you will begin to get out and about to the many dances in the local area or even slightly further afield. You can start to put all your moves into action. The local dances can vary “just…..

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JDRF Charity Dance France

JDRF Charity Dance

JDRF Charity Dance 50s Rock n Roll JDRF Charity Dance was held in October in Marval France. JDRF Charity is an organisation fund raising for type1 Diabetes. Tony and I were fortunate to be flown out to France in October to participate in this Charity event. We flew out from Stansted on Friday with Ryanair out to Limoges where we were picked up. I have to say it was a…..

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Summer time Fun

sum mer gressenhall

Summer 40s style Throughout the summer months we have had many opportunities to take the caravan away and join in with some great events. Starting in May where we were out in Suffolk at the mid Suffolk railway for their war weekend. June saw us out with the Jitterbugs dancing at the Suffolk show a little chilling that weekend but a lot of fun. Summer – May-September 2016 Re-enacting continued…..

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