Monthly Archives: July 2016

Rockola Canvey Island – 24 years old

Rockola Canvey my home Rockola Canvey Friends dancing with Bootleg Buddy I started my rock n roll journey at Rockola Canvey Island in 1992 a year after the club started. Rockola Canvey started in the small hall of the Paddocks but soon grew too big for that hall and moved into the large hall with a stage. The first band I ever saw was The Avengers and I loved them, two…..

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Ellington Park – Battle for Victory

Battle for Victory – Ellington Park Ramsgate The first Battle for Victory show was held at Ellington Park Ramsgate on 9 & 10 July 2016. Mr Dickie Bows and Air Raid Jive went along to join in the fun. Ellington Park – beautiful setting Ellington Park is a beautiful public park in Ramsgate in typical park design. I thought that this venue was so much nicer than an open field…..

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