Dancing keeps you young

Dancing keeps you young

Dancing keeps you youngI was recently watching the “how to stay young” programme and dancing was at the top of the list for mind and body so dancing keeps you young. That is great to know and when you think about it some of great dancers have lived to ripe old ages – Fred Astaire 88, Gene Kelly 84, Norma Miller 97, Frankie Manning 94 we are in with a great chance to a longer life – hopefully.

Dancing keeps you young and your mind working and if you happen to go to any sequence dancing or afternoon tea dance you will come across many active elderly some of them in their 90s and still dancing remembering all their steps albeit small. I take my hat off to these and hope I am amongst this age group and still dancing.

There is so much choice of dance out there and readily available from jive to zumba , barn dancing to pole dancing so much to choose from. All dancing will increase your activity level and I know many people who come to jive have lost pounds and made many new friends. Running a dance club enables a great meet up time.

In Rochford where Mr Dickie Bows is based we have a swing class on Monday evening in the Church Hall Church Road There are also Ballroom and sequence dancing in the Ashingdon and East Hawkwell memorial hall. There is Ballroom on Monday & Thursday evening, a tea dance on Tuesday afternoons and sequence dancing on a Monday afternoon; new people are always made welcome. So if you live in Rochford why not come along and join in.

The Ashingdon & East Hawkwell memorial hall is at present trying to raise funds for the hall. They are holding a Quiz night on 17th November 2017 if anyone would like to come along and support their local community hall

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