Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon 2018

Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon 2018

Moondogs Record Hop Ashingdon on a Wednesday evening has been growing throughout 2017 we are going to carry on into 2018 the Ashingdon & East Hawkwell memorial hall is a lovely venue. The floor is fantastic to dance on and big – you can get lost in this hall. Most Moondogs nights even being well attended there is plenty of room to dance, which of course is why you come.

Moondogs Record HopThe evening is warm and friendly and has a great atmosphere. So if you feel like popping in to see us in 2018 here are our dates – you will be most welcome.

I do try to dance with as many as possible but sometimes my shoulder is playing up so I do have to rest it – and that’s a nuisance but years of dancing I’m afraid has taken it’s toll.

Many people from our classes come and enjoy a Moondogs evening but could always do with new people so don’t be shy tell your friends and make what is a good night even better. We always try to keep people happy so if you have any requests let Tony know and he will be happy to play them also let us know if there are any birthdays in the house so we can have a birthday dance.

If you know anyone who would like to learn to dance please let them know where we are we are always willing to get beginners started to enable them to join in the fun. Rock n Roll on Thursday Swing on Mondays – all classes have a variety of activity beginners are always welcome.

People always say “I was really nervous about coming” and when they leave they have the whole group waving goodbye like they have known each other forever – we are very fortunate to have such friendly people – you are all amazing.

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